Welcome to Interpreting Western Literature!

Greetings Literature Families!

Welcome to The Writer’s Community—a place for parents (and students) to read re-caps of our live classes and some of the things we’ll be working on during our time together. Students will find their Course Schedule and Syllabus on WizIQ, but since parents don’t (typically) have ready access to WizIQ, I’ll make sure to keep you informed here. Occasionally, I’ll still send emails, but this will be your go-to for class happenings and important info. You might also just be interested in what we are studying each week! It’s pretty good stuff. 🙂

If your student hasn’t enrolled in the WizIQ course by Monday, I will go ahead and enroll them using the WizIQ account they established last year. If there is any problem with the enrollment, I’ll contact you by email.

Here is the WizIQ link to the Course:
Parents can still look at the Class Schedule without enrolling in the course.

I will send the separate link to the live meetings via email (since they are private classes). There is only one link for the live meetings—it won’t change week-to-week.

A note about audio: I want to incorporate about 10 minutes of live audio discussion each week starting with Week #2. We’ll be discussing our material a lot more this year, and it’s too difficult (and time consuming) to wait while students type out answers. Chat is perfect for quick responses and questions, and we’ll continue to use it. However, please, please, make sure your student has a headset (headphones with mic) by Week #2. We simply can’t use audio unless everyone has a headset. Thank you!

A note about accountability 

Homework is detailed in the Course Schedule and I will send all parents and students a hard copy syllabus by email. Homework is always due by the next class date. If you need more time to complete an assignment because of illness or family vacations, field trips, etc., I will grant extra time, however, I will not extend due dates because you “had work in another class.” This is a class, so now’s your chance to practice precious time management skills. 🙂

Important: I respect each family’s approach to homeschooling and realize that not all families may find value in completing each aspect of the writing assignments. The most benefit will be gained if you not only complete the initial assignments, but work with me throughout the revision stages. If you are taking this class for a grade, all homework, including revisions, is required by the due dates. Last year I spent a decent amount of time chasing down revisions. Unless you have a reasonable excuse, if I don’t have your revisions by the due date, I will grade whatever work you may have completed at the time without emailing you first. So, unless you’re up for some nasty surprises, make sure you get your revisions in on time.

Parents: If your child needs to partner with you in this area of time management, please feel  encouraged to provide assistance. The goal is growth, not punishment.

First up–Frankenstein!

For the first six weeks we will be reading and studying the 1831 edition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as well as the poets of the Romantic Period. And kids, if you’re thinking “romance” as in boy-likes-girl you would be wrong (think gothic, and you’ll be a little closer). I spent several weeks this summer researching the novel and the poets of the period and these folks were some wild cats! It’s gonna be a great unit!

If you haven’t secured your copy of the 1831 edition, or are having trouble finding the correct edition, please let me know now.

STUDENTS, RIGHT BEFORE WE MEET: View the John Green “Frankenstein” video posted to Week #1 and read pages 9-12 in the Glencoe Study Guide (also in Course Schedule).

I recommend you view the video TWICE, just for fun. John Green is great, but he talks REALLY fast. 

All parents and students should view the Peter Elbow interview before 9/15.

Here it is if you need it. Looking forward to getting started with a new year. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!